Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Google+ project features

The Google+ project features many new and innovative ideas which seems just a Modified version of the feautures used in available Social Networking sites.Now lets see what are they -

1.Circle - Circles makes it easier for the users to determine that in which Group Circle they want to Join.As for them seperate circles of their Office,Friends and Parents will be available.

2.Sparks - There will be something ready for you waiting like your favorite taste video and Photos to watch in free times.Its a great thing to spend your free time without searching the internet for you favorite things.

3.Hangouts - Its an arrangement of face to face chatting between two unknown person of the same taste which could be unpredictable.

4.Instant Upload is available

5.Huddles - Suppose you are searching for your different friends for a same specific work,Huddles will help to bring all together under the same page and in same conversation so that it will be easy to communicate.

The Google+ Project is now in Test Phase

Google Introduced The Google+ Project to compete with Facebook.Its a Social Networking site which looks similar to Facebook.The Main diference between Google+ and Facebook is that in Facebook,the users can connect with anyone in the World but in Google + Project ,users could connect with their known groups of colleges and known friends group.

Now though,The Google+ site is not available for everybody.Those who are invited could test the site and invite their friends.Now though people being suggested to submit their emails .so,at the next slot,they will be invited.

Its a challenge to the Google,how they could compete the Facebook as now this social networking site is having more than 103 billion pageviews which attracts the advertisers to ask personalized questions to such sites.

Google Now aiming to specify those Google users so,that people will know more about individual google users.Now its a matter of time to see whether Google+ Project could produce its maximum in compared to Facebook.But yes the initiative taken tells that Google now is going to take something serious for sure.